Swimming pool water level during the winter season.

When winter hits, thus will the heavy rains. In case you are a swimming pool owner and are worried about the heavy rainfall overflowing your pool, here are several tips that will help you avoid some serious flooding damage. Being truly a pool man for days past 20+ years, I’ve seen a lot of incidence of swimming pool owners in a panic asking them self’s how they were going to reduce their water level within the swimming pool. Unless you possess a sump pump to drain down the swimming pool water, I’ve 2 simple ideas for you.

First try working the water level straight down by utilizing your pool equipment. The pool equipment is usually easy, simple and best method to greatly help drain down you swimming pool water level.   With the pool equipment turned off, change your backwash valve to the backwash operating mode. If your backwash valve isn’t per-plumbed right into a drainage slot,  for some people this might be the very difficult, assuming you know how to use the backwash valve tho. When the rainfall is over, be sure to add extra chlorine back to the filtration system as all of the chlorine will undoubtedly be flushed from your pool filter.

Utilizing a 3/4 inch hose,  You might need several garden hoses to get this done. Turn on your swimming pool filtration pump. With the feminine side of your hose, keep it as near as possible to 1 of the return’s inside the pool wall. Occasionally by wrapping a Teflon tape or little towel round the female part of the hose can help you achieve an excellent seal.

Remember: The water will quickly create a vacuum in the garden hose developing a draft – only so long as the contrary end of the hose is lower compared to the side where the water will end up being entering into the backyard hose. This section of the operation is crucial. Keep the hose there for approximately 45-60 seconds to make sure the water is moving out the opposite end of the hose.It is a two person job, so try to get some help. As long as the water is flowing the male part of the hose is lower compared to the female side, it is possible to pull the feminine side of the hose from the return collection and stick it at the precise level that you would like to drain the swimming pool water right down to. Usually an excellent placement for the hose as soon as a draft is established may be the mid tile line.

Both these tips are amazing in draining down a pool. Of course I would recommend using the pool equipment since it is the most efficient solution to drain your swimming pool down to a secure water level within your swimming pool. Once the rainfall has stopped,  this is carried out on the discharge part of the circulation pool pump. This can allow you to very easily drain water from your pool down to a secure level inside your pool. All the best and stay dry there, it will likely be a chilly and wet winter!


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